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Have the negative effects of gravity or massive weight loss left you with a surplus of sagging skin and soft tissue? For many people, eating right and exercising is not enough to replace the body contour that time and gravity have taken away.
A thigh lift can be performed to elevate the lateral (side) of the thigh to streamline the profile of the leg. It can be combined with a tummy tuck (extended abdominoplasty) or a buttock lift (thigh/buttocks lift). A more extensive procedure called a torsoplasty also includes a thigh lift. Since each patient’s needs and desires are different, Dr. Siegel can evaluate and address your individual needs during your private consultation.

For a thigh lift an incision is placed on the hip in the bikini line, and the length depends on the amount of lift required for tailoring of each individual. Liposuction of the lateral thigh is performed at the same time to thin and straighten the leg profile. A thigh lift can be performed in Dr. Siegel’s private accredited operating suite, and you can go home with a family member or friend who can assist you for the next 24 hours. Patients wear a support garment for about 2 weeks after surgery to help with swelling. You can expect to return to work and normal activity 10-14 days after surgery. Swelling improves over the next few weeks and you can appreciate your new slimmer profile in a bathing suit or shorts in a few months.

A buttocks lift can be combined with a thigh lift or it may be a stand alone procedure. This can be performed to raise the buttocks crease, to elevate the buttocks profile, or to add fat in the upper buttocks to fill and round. An added bonus to adding fat to the buttocks is to “borrow” fat from other areas of the body by liposuction and streamlining these other donor sites.
Inner thigh lift surgery re-suspends the skin and soft tissues of the inner thighs for a smoother, more youthful appearance. The incision is placed high in the groin-buttocks crease and easily hidden by most swimsuits and under garments. A more streamline profile from the knees to the groin may prevent chaffing, rubbing, and improve personal hygiene.

If you have specific questions, please contact Dr. Siegel, or call our office at 757-547-2115 to schedule your private consultation.

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