“I am loving the experience. I just had eye lid surgery as well as a skin lesion removed. Dr. Siegel has done a beautiful job. It looked so good immediately right after surgery. The staff is professional and provides the best care. I absolutely recommend Dr. Siegel.”

∼ June L, Chesapeake

“I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with the personalized treatment I received from Dr. Siegel and staff. i had a C-section in my early 20’s and have battled with the tummy bulge ever since. After discussing my options, I decided on a tummy tuck. The surgery was done in his accredited operating room right in his office. Being able to have my procedure there gave me the privacy I was looking for, not to mention only having one invoice. His fee included everything, including all my follow-up visits. What a relief. It’s been 3 weeks and I absolutely could not be happier. Recovery time was minimal, I was a bit sore, but I really didn’t have any significant pain. There is still a little swelling, but doc said it will continue to diminish. The first look at my “flat tummy” almost brought me to tears. After 30 years of hating the way my tummy looked, I finally love the way it looks. I definitely think the office could use a little sprucing up, but the doctor, staff and procedure are without compare. Fantastic!”

Delora T, Chesapeake

“Let me start this review by saying Dr. Siegel is a very handsome guy. (Never go to an ugly plastic surgeon nor one that has the plastic pulled back face.) I have had an ugly forehead lipoma for the last 4-6 years and it has recently began to enlarge. I have visited several doctors, dermatologists, even had a referral to an ENT specialist; however, they all suggested I see a plastic surgeon. I made an appointment and he scheduled my removal procedure for less than 2 weeks later. He was very professional and personable. I would recommend this man to anyone in need of reconstructive surgery and I truly wish he was a PCP as he is very knowledgeable of all things medicine. I can’t post a picture yet as I am still bandaged up but will surely do so later. Also, his staff is fantastic and friendly and VERY helpful! These guys exceeded all my expectations and I couldn’t have asked for a better team! UPDATE: One week after my procedure there is little to no swelling and my scar is almost non-existant. I went to the office 2 days ago for my follow up and I was a bit misty eyed when I left. I will truly miss this group of medical professionals.”

Miyoshi, Chesapeake

“I am very pleased with the breast augmentation size that I ended up with as a result of listening to Dr. Siegel. I wanted to be much larger, but after my discussion and looking at pictures Dr. Siegel steered me to a more conservative size that I will have for a lifetime.”
∼Cindy, Virginia Beach

“With this type of permanent life altering procedures, I am more comfortable going to someone that was referred to me by word of mouth from my family and friends, and good experience then to choose a surgeon based on which one spent a lot in marketing and advertising”.
∼Brooke, Chesapeake

“Dr. Siegel, I don’t know if you get notes about the staff at the surgery center but I wanted to let you know they were great! They made this 46 year old sissy not so nervous. Thank you.”
~ Jennifer, Chesapeake

“I am so happy with the new me. My breast surgery and liposuction made me feel more confident. I am looking forward to the beach this summer. Thank-you Dr. Siegel, for helping me achieve the body I have always dreamed about.”
~ Diane, Virginia Beach

“It was so great being informed prior to surgery of what to except and what to do after surgery. It helped me plan my time off work and allowed me to get back to normal activity without worry. I am now one pant size smaller. You helped me to do what so many months in the gym didn’t.”
~ Karen, Norfolk

“Later that night after my surgery Dr. Siegel called to see how I was doing. I was glad to hear his reassurance that everything was proceeding as expected. Then the next day the nurse called and answered all my questions. I was more coherent and was glad to talk with her to be sure I was following all the instructions correctly.”
~ Kay, Chesapeake

“I felt vain about wanting a facelift. After talking with your staff and Dr Siegel I found out how popular and common the procedure really was”.
~ Merrillee, Norfolk

“Before my first consultation, my palms were sweating and I was so nervous and embarrassed. After meeting Dr. Siegel and his wonderful staff, I was put at ease. He didn’t bite me and we even exchanged a few jokes”
Debbie, Chesapeake

“I never knew plastic surgery was in my budget. Thanks to your finance options I was able to have surgery when I wanted, and pay it off with my tax refund.”
~ Bruce, Chesapeake

“Thank-you so much for being so nice to my sister. She was so nervous about the appointment, but is now so EXCITED!”
~ Carin, Chesapeake

“I had struggled with the decision to get Breast Augmentation after researching doctors websites. I found Dr. Siegel’s pictures before and afters to be very natural results. From my first consult until now, I was comfortable with Dr. Siegel’s staff, their financing, scheduling, and his knowledge. They made me feel special and I am pleased with my Augmentation and Injectable fillers. Thank you Dr. Siegel and staff.”
~ Fran, Chesapeake

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