Skin Tightening for Face and Body

Wrinkles and cellulite be gone! The FDA-approved Accent XL treatment is a must-have for the elimination of wrinkles and rhytids and the tightening of skin. The Accent XL provides long lasting results that will leave you not only looking good, but feeling good about yourself!

The Accent system provides Volumetric RF (Radio Frequency) Thermo-therapy, combining different proprietary RF modes of Bipolar and Unipolar. With separate hand pieces for each, the Accent XL provides therapeutic heat at different tissue depths within the body, treating both the dermal and sub-dermal skin layers. It can penetrate anywhere from two to six millimeters into the skin, reaching both the fatty tissue and cellulite. Heating to these tissue depths improves circulation, initiates a breakdown of fibrous tissue, and promotes the re-absorption and draining of retained fluids and toxins. In addition to the controlled heating is simultaneous cooling, which serves to protect the skin.

This advanced technology involves NO down-time and a minimal risk of side effects. Results begin as soon as the treatment takes place, and improvements to the skin continue as new collagen grows with every treatment. The treatment process is comfortable, quick and virtually pain free. You’ll go through a series of office visits to see the full benefits. Depending on the size of the treatment area, a treatment may take 15 to 45 minutes. Generally 6 treatments at two week intervals will be required for optimal long term results.

This treatment is performed by SKIN OASIS Institute, Jacquelina Furfaro a Master Esthetic Instructor, and Certified Laser Specialist. It is performed at the Skin Oasis Institute, 933 First Colonial Rd., Suite 111, VIrginia Beach, VA 23454.

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ACCENT XL is here!

ACCENT XL is used on multiple areas on the body such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and upper chest, as well as on the face. The body and facial contouring and skin tightening effects occur without any invasive measures, which makes the the Accent XL RF treatment so desirable.

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