This surgical procedure reduces the labia minora – the skin that covers the female clitoris and vaginal opening. The excess skin can cause discomfort during everday activities, when wearing tight fitting clothes, during sports such as horseback riding, and during intercourse. This problem can be caused by genetics, intercourse, or complicated childbirth. Many women dislike the excess protruberant appearance of their labia minora.

Dr. Siegel uses a technique called a medial and lateral pedicle flap reconstruction, which preserves the sensory innervation. This procedure is performed in the privacy of our accredited operating suite with general anesthesia. Swelling after surgery is expected for up to two weeks. Abstaining from intercourse for this 2 week period is recommended. Ice packs and sitz baths can help with comfort, swelling and early post-op healing. Satisfactory results are experienced by patients motivated to have this procedure due to appearance alone. This is a cosmetic procedure that does not involve vaginal reconstruction, but purely the external appearance of the labial minora.

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Dr. Siegel is one of the few doctors on the east coast to do this procedure. Many of our patients have told us that they considered traveling to California where this procedure is more widely performed. But now it can be done right here in Chesapeake in our fully accredited private operating room suite.

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