Facial Implants (Chin and Cheek)

Augmenting the bone structures of the chin and cheeks gives a more youthfull, balanced appearance to the face. The fat pads in the face descend with aging and cheek implants can fill the upper face for a youthful look. Chin implants are used to balance a round face, or a large nose by elongating the face.

Cheek implants can be placed through incisions either inside the mouth or from a lower eyelid approach. Chin implants are placed with an incision directly under the chin. Recovery time for for cheek implants is usually 3-5 days, and chin implants have a quicker recovery time of approximately 2 days.

Every person has individual facial qualities making it difficult to make general statements concerning facial implants, but the current trends in the field of Plastic surgery is to restore the fat in the cheeks back to the original location in place of implants. Chin implants are still very popular and in wide use today. The use of Allografts and is also used more frequently now than ever before.

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