Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

The surgical procedure called Mastopexy, is a reshaping of the breast, tightening of the skin, elevation of the nipple, and occasionally enlarging the volume. Patients with flattening of the breast after child birth frequently require enlarging of the breast with an implant. Scars with this procedure vary with the severity of sagging. Minimal drooping may be corrected by placing the scar around the outside edge of the areola; however more severe drooping requires a vertical scar beneath the areola and possibly a horizontal scar in the breast crease..

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This procedure is usually able to be performed in our private accredited operating suite under general anesthesia. Patients can return to work in about a week without heavy lifting and the use of a support bra. No vigorous exercise should be done for a minimum of two weeks after surgery. This procedure can be performed as a one-sided operation to correct unevenness.

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“Dr. Siegel,your staff at the surgery center was great! They made this 46-year old sissy not so nervous. Thank you.”
Jennifer, Chesapeake
Patient 1

Pre Op & Post Op Mastopexy

Patient 2

Pre Op & Post Op Mastopexy