Breast Enlargement (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

Breast enlargement is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done in this country today. It can improve your self image, create a better proportioned figure, and many women feel that their clothing fits better. Dr. Siegel performs this procedure in his office operating suite using general anesthesia. The implant is placed beneath the pectoralis chest muscle. The surgical incision is around two inches, and can be placed beneath the breast, around the areola, or in the axilla. Most patients prefer the lower approach since scars are well hidden with or without clothing.

Modern implants are chosen based on the patient’s physique, preferences and goals. Various sizes with either Saline or gel are available for all body types. Cohesive gel has a natural feel yet has the additional advantage of being a non liquid. After a complete exam, discussion, and looking at photographs with Dr. Siegel the best choice can be made.

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Silicone implants have been re-approved for the public by the FDA. They are available to patients from several manufacturers in the United States for immediate implantation. They have been used in breast enlargement and reconstructive surgery for more than 30 years. The external shell has changed slightly over the years; however, the silicone gel has changed little. The gel is opaque on X-ray as is saline and offers no benefit for mammography. It is said to be softer, and a more natural consistency when implanted beneath the breast.The latest implants have no long term data to answer questions of rupture. In order to detect rupture of gel implants, the manufacturer has recommended that all patients receive MRI X-rays every 2 years. If a gel is found to be ruptured, removal and replacement are recommended, and the cost of this procedure is paid by the manufacturer.

Comparing gel implants to saline implants, the incision is slightly larger for gel implants since the implants are pre-filled at the factory, and the cost of the implants is considerably more than saline. Over all deflation rates for saline implants is thought to be between 5-10 percent over the life of the patient. The incidence of gel ruptures is unknown.

The choice for shape and profile of implant can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Siegel, as gel implants are available in various shapes and sizes. Additional information can be obtained from the manufacturer’s web site at

Some women have breasts that are completely different cup sizes or that are extremely tuberous. This can make a woman feel self-conscious and insecure about her appearance. But the problem can be solved with careful measurement of the chest wall and the breasts, which allows Dr. Siegel to choose the most appropriately sized implants.

Breast implants are chosen according to each patient’s personal specifications. The goal of the surgeon is to create a look that is both natural and feminine. We work toward creating beauty, symmetry, and balance for each patient.

After breast augmentation surgery, there is muscle soreness for 4 to 7 days which is treated with medication and a support bra. Most patients can begin driving between 2-5 days after surgery. Exercise can cause excessive swelling or bleeding and must be avoided for a minimum of two weeks. The shape of the breast will change and improve until the final shape is achieved at six months. Patients with misshapen or uneven breasts can benefit from a breast augmentation, but occasionally an additional procedure (mastopexy) may also be required.

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“I am so happy with the new me. My breast surgery and liposuction made me feel more confident. I am looking forward to the beach this summer. Thank-you Dr. Siegel, for helping me achieve the body I have always dreamed about.”
Diane, Va. Beach
Patient 1

The photos shown above were taken of one of our patients before and after a breast augmentation procedure by Dr. Fred H. Siegel. Patient stats: Age 26, 5′ 3″, 108 lbs., 320 cc. Silicone Gel Full Profile Implants.

Patient 2

The photos shown above were taken of one of our patients before and after a breast augmentation procedure by Dr. Fred H. Siegel. Patient Stats: Age 42, 5′ 6″, 141 lbs., 300 cc Saline Implants.

Patient 3

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Patient 4

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Patient 5

144 lbs. 5’5″, Age 46. Silicone Gel Implants, 360cc left, 390cc right.
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Patient 6

124 lbs., 5’4″, Age 56. High Profile Silicone Implants 280cc.
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Patient 7

134 lbs., 5’5″, Age 44. Silicone Gel Implants 360cc.
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