The number of male cosmetic procedures has increased 23 percent according to the 2014 Annual Procedural statistics from ASPS. They have put men into four categories of types who seek cosmetic enhancement.

Corporate CEO: He is interested in looking as young as he works and feels. He may be at the top of his game, but he’s facing tough, new competition from men who are 20-30 years younger. He is concerned with his neck, eyes and the battle of the bulge.

Athletic Dad: He spends more time with his wife, kids, and his job than at the gym. He is concerned with his gut, neck and eyes. This includes liposuction of the abs and love handles, liposuction under the neck, and eye lid surgery to open up his tired eyes.

Body Builder: This guy has worked extremely hard at the gym with respect to maximizing their chest, shoulders, biceps and abs. Plastic surgery can help lipo-sculpt those hard to refine areas, or implant or fat transfer into muscle areas to make them larger.

Male Model: He may be very handsome but needs a tweak: a higher cheekbone, or a more chiseled nose can turn an average looking guy into a male model.