Hobbies and Interests

Outside his field of medicine, Dr. Siegel enjoys many hobbies and interests. Much of his free time is spent on the golf course, trying to improve his handicap. He loves most any outdoor activity, and hands-on chores such as yard work and car maintenance. He is active in snow sking, scuba diving, and still enjoys teaching high speed driving at regional racetracks. Crossword puzzles and reading magazines about golf, cigars, wine, travel and leisure are of interest to him.

Traveling has been a big part of his free time the last few years with visits to Egypt, India, China, France and Italy to name a few. He has traveled with People to People Ambassadors Program, and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons to exchange ideas with fellow physicians on several trips abroad. He enjoys food and wine, and is an eager taster for his wife Brenda’s passion for cooking. Boating and fishing at the lake are his ways to relax when he can get there. Dr. Siegel is a life-long resident of Hampton Roads, and he and his family reside in Chesapeake.

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