Facial Procedures and Services

We all want to look our best. Today there are both surgical and non-surgical products and procedures available to help you achieve a youthful, refreshed, and healthy YOU. Dr. Siegel’s approach to facial rejuvenation is to help turn back the hands of time and erase some of the damage from the sun, wind and aging that has taken it’s toll on your face. He strives for a natural result from surgical procedures and avoids over correction or “the wind blown” look of an over done facelift. Your face should show expression and movement, which are desired features, but softening harsh lines and sagging skin can give your face that youthful appearance you desire.

Skin care is important part of pre- and post-surgical procedures, as is the use of sunscreen. Our nurses and patient counselors can advise you on products that can help you get the skin that makes people say “Wow, your skin looks great. What do you use?”

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