My 6 week check was today and I am excited to be able to work out again. I have been walking but ready to get back to my vigorous routine. I have been wearing my garments faithfully and it actually feels better to keep it on at all times. The support really has helped with swelling and added comfort when moving. I recently have been taking it off at night, but I have several types and the one for sleeping is much softer and less support. I am feeling really good and I love the way I look now. My scars are healing well and the swelling is almost gone. My stomach profile if straight and flat. I love it. I have cleavage now, and the lift was almost painless. My belly button looks and feels a little funny, but Dr. Siegel said it was still healing and swollen. He told me not to worry and that I was half way there in the healing process.

My 5 month check up will be the real time for evaluating my healing, and the swelling should all be gone by then. I am happy to be wearing a bikini this summer, which I thought I would never be able to again. Thank you Dr. Siegel so much for giving me my body back!