It’s been one week now since my surgery. I am walking around crouched over like a little old lady, but I’m getting my walking in like a good patient. I went to Dr. Siegels office and had my stitches out and finally had the drains removed. That is a big relief. Those bags, although necessary for drainage were on my last nerve. They were kind of nasty to me since I’m weak when it comes to blood. I could never be a nurse. I am starting to feel like a new me. I can see Dr. Siegels handwork without all the stitches, extra bandages and tubes. It feels really weird without my binder on but I am able to see my profile now. I can’t keep the binder off long periods of time. Just long enough to shower, redo my guaze and sneak a peak. I feel weak and little nauseous to tell the truth when looking at the incisions. I’m really not taking pain medicine anymore. Just every now and then and mostly at night to help me sleep. I’m so use to doing so many things everyday that I find that I’m not as tired at night since the surgery. I’m trying to stay close to my regular sleep schedule. It is easy to slip into the habit of staying up late and sleeping during the day. That would make going back to work and the regular schedule with my kids routines even more difficult. I have to admit I’m still getting a little nap time. I feel better every day and I am surprised at how well I feel already. I am anxious to get back in the gym and continue my progress of a new me.

Brooke, Chesapeake