In early March the nationwide chain Lifestyle Lift shut it’s doors. Last week the Wall Street Journal examined this 14 year old company and found that the company faultered under expensive advertising campaigns. The typical cost of these procedures ranged from $6,500 to $9,000 payable upfront and done under local anesthesia. Most women were not typical candidates for a facelift. The doctors that were doing these lifts have banded together to help patients know where to go for follow up care or with questions.

But the real question remains. What was the advantage of this procedure over the traditional facelift, and why was only local anesthesia used. Techniques change over the years and as a board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Fred Siegel regularly attends continuing education lectures given by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). The current trend today is to use injectable fillers, Botox or Xeomin to give a more useful appearance when patients are not quite ready for a facelift. The facelift your mother had has changed and evolved with techniques of moving the fat pads back to their youthful position rather than removing fat as was once the case. Non Plastic Surgeons do not specialize in facial techniques or have access to the board of Plastic Surgeons that are on the cutting edge of new trends and years of experience in facial plastics. Doing only local anesthesia is most likely due to those facilities not being able to give outpatient anesthesia or being an accredited facility. Most patients think if they have a medical license they must know what they are doing, but in today’s society most doctors operate only in their specialty. This is the safest practice for the greatest chance of a positive outcome.

Dr. Fred Siegel has had an accredited outpatient surgery center for 28 years and is a certified operating room inspector for the AAAAPS. Safety is the number one factor when choosing an accredited facility. He became an inspector to stay current with changes in safety practices and to share ideas with other Plastic Surgeons to give his patients the best of care.