I slept fairly well the first night which surprised me. I guess with the anesthesia, pain medication and the toll the surgery took on my body I was tired. I did get up three times to the bathroom as I am back to my water bottle and consuming lots of fluid. But that is what Dr. Siegel instructed me to do, so I am trying to be a good patient. Laying in bed for extended periods of time is not good for anyone, but with my increased risk of DVT’s I want to be up every few hours anyway. I took my pain medication on a schedule so I was never letting the pain get too bad. I was not pain free by any means, but it took the edge off and I expected it to be a little uncomfortable. Nothing I can’t handle though and well worth it in the short time that it should last. I am extremely excited to see my results, but can’t right now as I have on a surgical bra and a snug binder across my tummy. I will see Dr. Siegel in his office on Monday and get my first dressing change. I also have these drainage tubes that are still draining red fluid, and was told they don’t come out until that turns clear and not filling up the containers. That part is really nasty, but I guess better out of my body than in. My appetite is not back to normal yet, but with my Mom’s help I am eating several small meals instead of three big meals. I am so glad she is here to help me as I am extremely tired and don’t think I could make myself eat. This binder is tight on my belly so maybe that is why I am not as hungry. I have taken lots of cat naps today and it has been nice to do nothing. My husband has been a big support and doing everything for the boys. Having both my Mom and husband here allows me to rest and follow all my post op instructions. I am extremely lucky to have them and their support. I am watching some TV but mostly resting as just getting my breakfast, brushing my teeth, and changing my PJ’s wore me out. It takes a lot of energy to heal so rest is what I need right now.

-Brooke, Chesapeake